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but not well. Think im going fucking crazy, but wow, what an artist i have been in my younger days. Too bad that passion is gone. Well, if the passion comes back you'll probably be the first to know. kthxbai
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I've removed some of my "art", and only saved the ones I'm really proud of, in case you wonder.

Well, with that said,
It's really been a while, huh. Here are some tings that have happened in my life since like
I graduated highschool last year with top grades (who would've thought!)
My best friend died from over dosing heroin in januari (no, he wasn't a drug addict, he just wanted to try it and took too much of it)
I've studied "computer game production" on Luleň Technical University
I've gotten a little beautiful dog named Iza
I've worked as a janitor at the hospital over the summer
I turned 20 last month (yay, I can go to the liquor store by myself now!)
I am now studying "technical basics year" to get qualified to study computer engineering next year.

So, yeah, a lot has happened since I last updated here.
I'm might submit new "art work" later, who knows. Right now I'm out of inspiration.

Well, got to go, my dog needs to go outside!
Tatty bye!
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Whoever stole that fucking picture of me and is claiming it to be you, FUCK YOU! You will NEVER be as beautiful as me, so don't pretend to be. You little scumbag! Yes, it's a big deal, beacuse it is ME on that picture, and NOT ANYONE ELSE. I am NOT a member of that site.

Leave my pictures alone!!! I'm gonna go have some cookies now.. NO COOKIES FOR YOU!!!!
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I didn't get a dual citizenship. It was too expensive. 3000 swedish kronor, plus the trip down to Stockholm and shit. Oh well, I'm fine anyway.
I'm thinking about starting a new DA-account. Or can I change my current name on this account? I don't wanna be Brandnewfuckup anymore. It feels so... not me.

I'm sitting in class atm. We're supposed to do a stopmotion right now, but I'm gonna do it after lunch since I study "Photo C" (Don't know what to call it in english but it's the third photo-course) and it's a perfect opportunity to complete some... course goals? at the same time.

Haha, I just realized my english isn't as good as it used to be.
Well, I promise that I'll post some new pictures soon. I just haven't got the time right now.
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It's been a time since I wrote anyhting. Well, I'm still alive and I'm planning to stay that way. It's the end of this school year. Next year I graduate. It's so awesome. Time just flies by. And in two months I'm turning 18. Yay!

Me and my family will soon visit the american embassy in Stockholm to get me a double citizenship, which means I'll be both swedish and american. It's awesome. Then I can move to the US and stay there, I won't be needing a greencard. I've got big plans for my future and this would give me more opportunitys. I'd love to work for a big fashionmagazine, like Vouge, but it's a long way to go and alot of work. But I will get there! You have my word! And Legolas's bow. And Aragon's sword. And Gimli's axe!
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Yeeeeh.. I'm in second year on collage. I'm studying "Grafisk Design (Swedish)". I don't know how to translate that. We get to work with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. It's real fun. And we get to study psychology and leadership too. It's great. I love it!

I've started working out too. Not in the gym though. I'm not comfortable with that yet. :P About two and a half weeks ago I turned 17. No big deal. Looking forward to turning 18. ;) You know, getting a drivers license, going to the club, buying my own cigarettes. Haha. And to graduate school of course!

Well, Me and my "Wife" have been married for one year and almost nine months. On our 2year anniversary we're going to a spa hotel that my dad's paying for. It'll cost around 4000 swedish kronor, and that expensive. Haha. We're not really married, She's just my best friend and we spend almost every day together. We act like we're married. But she's as straight as can be.

Hm, I don't know what more to say. Oh, btw, Yes, I'm still single. Haven't met someone awesome yet.
If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer.
Kisses and hugs.
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Me and my wife have been married for six months now.
Happy anniversary to us!

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I want candy.
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my first appearence on youtube ever. (well, what i know about)
like.. wtf! sure, i dont mind people STEALING MY PICS WITHOUT TELLING ME as long as the copyright is visible.

mylord. im sick. my throat is all fucked up and the meds i got from the doctor isnt helping either. "in 3-4 days you will feel better. ^w^" ya.. its been like 5 days. 6 tomorrow. soon. if im not better on monday, we're going to the hospital again.  uaaaah i hateeeee iiiit! i cant swallow or anything. my ears hurt from it. the nights are worst though.
fuckign oq3giwekf,sdc arghhh ._.

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YAAA?! ._.
xmas coming up! uääh.
im coloring my hair today. fluorescent glow or smth. irono what its called. nywaiz.
im eörosf.
not amused.
no one's talking to me. and i dont like julia roberts in that movie where she's wearing a mustache and says "its tickling me". the moment she says that... *shivers* i hate it. i hate the way she say it!



RoWzaaPriKKiwFliKKaUtaNhooEr V
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there. my best.. friend? lolz, what we've got is not friendship. its beyond explanation. ^^
well, check her out. she is fucking talented. and she's gorgeous and nice to.

hmmm.. today was pretty fun. i hung out with a friend i havent seen in a time.
he's awesomely(lolz is that a word?) nice!

it is fucking hilarious. the video is.. fucking amazing XDD LOLZ IM SO FUCKING IN LOVE HAHHA!<33 lmfao. 'tis so gay. <3

well, thats all from me right now!
bye people.

and check out the people i mentioned above or you'll wake up with a shaved head and your lips will be glued together! and pass this message on to other people MUAHHAHAHAHA!!! nhiursopt '3qö5l0+etorfö -:D <33
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yes. today, the 20th of august, is my birthday.
15 fucking years. scary, huh...

well. im getting a new computer. and we're moving. awesome! a little apartment, here we come! its like.. in the town ghetto or something.. seriously, i dont know what to think. im fine with it i guess... my new room is white with a big black wall. and i dont know how to set the furniture and stuff! well, ill figure it out.

XOXO for now.

btw, congratulations goes down here:
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i've got sand in my hair and i can get it out bcuz of the stupid dreads and foams. yes, i have a new hair.. again.

damn it.

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well.. i've been listening to waaay much manson lately.
i think its finally time for an real update, right?

so. lets get started.
im pissed bcuz my white haircolour that i ordered are never coming. i've been waiting for like.. weeks now, and summer's coming up. gosh, i feel so empty without any.. dreads or cyberlox in my hair. im going to get black foamhair.

im getting snakebites.. soon. asap. when my father gets home and he can afford it. its very expensive. more than i thought. i could just do it myself.. but that would fucking hurt. yes, im scared of pain sometimes.. only when it comes to my face.

and i've got a girlfriend. gawh, she's fucking gorgeous. she has a twin sister, they're both gorgeous, and wonderful and i love them so much. though in different ways.
well.. anyway.

school year's over next week. i get out on Friday. i hope to god my grades are good this year. last year they sucked. totally.
our grade system is kinda weird. we got like.. "didnt pass" and "passed", "passed good" "passed very well." and passed very well is the best you can get. kinda suck real bad. this summer im just gonna.. sleep or smth. i. love. sleeping. one of the best things in life. it feels so good.  in a cold bed with loads of pillows and plushies. my bed looks like a fucking glorified prison cell.

im sorry for all the shitty pics i've uploaded lately. people doesnt seem to like my... happy pictures. "Somewhere over the raindbow" only has 6 favs while "are you cold?" has 53 favs. and my "gorey" pictures.. people seem to like them alot. i do too but.. still.. c'mon. and my cyber-isch pics.

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i'm a blonde now.

dammit! i need money >_< its like... .. .... I JUST RLY NEED IT! i've ordered piercings, and im gonna get snakebites and pierce my bellybutton. what am i supposed to do? i was thinking about gettinga summerjob, but its too late now. i could babysit.... HAHAHAH lol. that wouldnt turn out well, sinc kids hate me, and i hate them. ^^ "but babies are a blessing" yeaaah, right. if you like screaming, crying, pooping people, you might think like that.

WEELL ANW! how old do you have to be to.. sell prints here on da? or have i already asked that?.. maybe i have. and i didnt like the awnser. hmm.. perhaps i could sell myself on the street, for like.. a big amount of money. very big. jk.

and my camera broke today! my heart stopped and i was all like "OMFGWTF IT DOESN'T WORK HELP MEEEEEEEE! SOMEBODY!! ITS BROJMNWOEKMS>DKIUONM gah". i thought i was gonna pass out or something  XD but then, it started working properly again :D lol. if it did broke, my dad would seriously kill me. and i wouldnt be able to do what i .. like to do, which is.. taking.. pictures..

anws. take care
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.. i haven't answered your comments lately. im too tired. i've been sick and i haven't been well mentally either, so i apologize for that. i really appreciate your comments and such. please keep it up, it makes me so happy to know that people still like my photos.

and also, i changed my hair. my new friends helped me. they're really fucking good at it.

And i got two turtles today. ^^ I named one of them sid vicious, since he likes to bite people and such. the other one is a female.. i've no idea what to name her. any suggestions?

take care.
i've met two wonderful people.
they make every day with them the best day ever.

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"BrandNewFuckup has 4,725 pageviews total and her 64 deviations were viewed 10,538 times. She watches 44 people, while 66 people watch her.

Overall, her deviations received 666 comments "

wohoo. im amused. 666! LOL! XD
and 66 people watches me.. thats like.. huge imo. :)
thank you so much.
it meas alot to me. im flattered.

take care,
I've just learned how to make my own dreads.  It is going quite well actually :) or not.. at least they turned to be pretty.. good. XD Haha, god, i suck. Well, it gets better the more i practice. Im making black, pink, and some lime green dreads. Single ended.. I'll be needing some help to put them in at the back of my head.
Gaah, 'ts so boriiiiiiing. I have several burn marks on my hands from boiling them XD (yes, i boil. i dont know how to steam them) Well.. they're not visible, but i sure can feel it! >_> ah, well.. imma go and finish off the ones i started.

Take care,
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